Changing Seasons

In early October, I found myself traveling from Togo’s hot climate to the US for furlough. Surprisingly, the weather in Georgia, where I started my furlough travels, was unseasonably hot, not unlike the temperatures I had left in Togo.

Sunset Rock-View 3

View from Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, while enjoying a hike with my two sisters

Over the next month and a half, as I made my way north, the warm temperatures quickly cooled, and I enjoyed watching the colors changing, which is a completely foreign concept in the savannas around Mango.

Blue Ridge Parkway-pond-peaks of otter 2

Blue Ridge Parkway-AT view 2

Views along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Kensington 32-cattails and fall colorsFall colors-Ceasar Creek 8-trees and lake

Fall colors-Bill Yeck 22-leaves in water-reflection

By the time I arrived in Ohio, and later Michigan, the colors were spectacular. 

The fall colors hadn’t quite disappeared when a surprise snowstorm came to Ohio in mid-November. I braved the frigid temperatures to enjoy the snow-blanketed landscape the next day.


Thus, in just 1 ½ months, summer, fall, and winter transitioned one to the other so quickly that my body has been shocked, as I now sit cuddled under a blanket while writing this post. My life as a missionary on furlough feels like it transitions even faster from vastly different cultures and ministries between Togo one day, and in the US for furlough the next.

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