Construction Update: Pouring the Slab Roof

Preparing for the big day: The masons arrange concrete blocks on the roof, then the electrician arranges all the electric conduit. 

Worksite 23-cement mixer and workers from roof 2

Worksite 23-workers and cement mixer 3

Dozens of workers descend on the construction site to get the whole slab done in one day. Some haul the sand, gravel, cement, and water, others fill the buckets with the mixed cement and pass them up to others on the roof. 

Worksite 23-Preparing rice and sauce 2

My job for the day was getting a meal together for workers-I recruited some friends to help!  

Worksite 24-Soule watering roof 1

The finished product! The concrete has to be watered for a few days. 

Worksite 25-pouring dependance floor 2-Soule and helper

Masons pouring the floors


Now that the shell is up, the workers been making door frames, cementing them into place, and putting plaster on the walls. So much has been done, yet so much work yet to go!