Spectacular Southern Scenery

The region around Tsiko, home of the southern hospital, HBB, is filled with jaw-dropping beauty! While taking some time away from Mango, I love seeing evidence of God’s creative hand as I enjoy His creation.

Most mornings around sunrise, I take a hike up the mountain just beside the hospital. The sunrises and views often interrupt my exercise with their beauty!

Sunrise-valley-from Tsiko mountain 2Tree-valley from Tsiko mountain at sunrise 1

The mountains are sprinkled with bright red flowers this time of year.

Red trumpet flowers Tsiko 15-mountain background

Another thing we don’t have in Mango is waterfalls, so I enjoy seeing them when I am in the south. This small waterfall is a short, easy walk from the hospital.

Small waterfall behind HBB 13-lower

And this waterfall, the tallest in Togo, required a treacherous ride down a deteriorating road followed by an hour and a half hike up and then down a mountain. It was a great Saturday trip with a couple of friends!

Wli waterfall-bottom of falls-grass 2

Here’s a view of the top of that waterfall as we descended the mountain towards the base:

Wli waterfall hike-Top of falls from path 5

The mountain views from this hike were equally spectacular!

Wli waterfall hike-Mountains from path 1