Consider the Birds

There are so many species of birds all around my home in Mango, Togo. Whether they are vividly colored or more camouflaged, our heavenly Father cares for them all! Here is a sampling of the variety I discovered while walking around the hospital property one morning.

Birds at HOH 54

These weavers are in their nesting season, and they have chosen the trees planted right outside the clinic to build dozens of nests. It brings a bit of joy into my work day to hear and see them flying about.

Birds at HOH 108


This vibrant scarlet bird is called a red bishop, and is a pretty common sight around the compound.


A Senegal Wood-Hoopoe

Birds at HOH 48

Birds at HOH 78


The male Pin-tailed Whydah seems to bounce through the sky. It can’t be easy to fly with such a long tail dragging behind! 



Birds at HOH 14

The black birds often hangs around, or more often on, the livestock. This sheep has quite a lot of patience to tolerate five birds jumping about on its back!

Birds at HOH 69

Family Photo: Male, female and juvenile of the same species (don’t know what species though)

Birds at HOH 95

African Wattled Lapwing


And, on a different day, a visit to a pond provides opportunities to see some different species:

Lily Pond 30-blue birds

A pair of Senegal kingfishers

The ducks that we see commonly, the white-faced whistling duck, actually whistle instead of quacking while they fly. Ducks 4

And while I was down by the water, I went to check out our local hippos. Granted, these are definitely not birds, but they were more active than I’ve ever seen them and can’t resist including a few shots.

Hippos 6.2020 24The family is on the move!

Hippos 6.2020 54-fightUsually they are standing around doing nothing, but sometimes a little spat arises.

Hippos 6.2020 36People fish in this pond, fearlessly walking right past the most dangerous mammal in Africa!