Construction Update: Details, Details…

My house is starting to look more and more move-in ready, although many details still remain.

P1050224Crepissage (plastering using cement)

Tiling: First they mix sand and cement, then add water as they place the tile.


Before cabinets could be installed, the backsplash tile had to be mounted and the walls painted.

Kitchen Cabinets! I am thankful a friend from my home church, Mike, could come out and build and install the cabinets. I pitched in with a lot of sanding and varnishing when I could.


Septic tank: My property includes about 12 inches of loose dirt, beneath that is an extremely hard rock called laterite. This guy put weeks of back-breaking labor into breaking that rock up!


Tin roof: This week they are setting up pillars that will support the tin roof which will keep the sun from baking the house.


OK, this has nothing to do with construction! This was one of the last flowers to lend its beauty to the landscape before everything dried up and turned brown. We won’t see another drop of rain for several months.