Construction Update-August 2017

Worksite 15-partial walls 1

This is the dépendance (apartment) going up. It will have two bedrooms with bathrooms and a living/kitchen area (which is the farthest away) where short-termers can live.


This is the dépendance again, several weeks later. They will soon be pouring the floor and then the roof.


How do you pour cement high off the ground? One bucket at a time!


To prepare for tons of cement being poured on the roof, the workers mount a frame upheld by wooden posts.




After all the electric conduit and some plumbing are installed, things will be ready for the roof to be poured! 


This might not be construction related, but I can’t resist sharing some of the beauty of the Mango countryside! I came across this beautiful big tree on a recent bike ride.

Rainbow at HOH entrance 1

A lovely rainbow over the hospital last month, reminding us of God’s faithfulness.


The Beauty of Rainy Season

I love this season when the rains produce lush green in the savanna around Mango!

P1040483P1040494.JPGLadies washing laundry and getting water at a nearby lake

P1040503.JPGThese perfect little flowers grow on a plant that produces the rennet-like liquid used to make local cheese.

Butterfly-Bird of Paradise 2.JPGThe bushes I planted at my property a year ago have grown and are producing bright flowers that attract dozens of butterflies.

All in a day’s bike ride

Sundays are wonderful days for a long, relaxing bike ride out into the bush. Here is some of the scenery from my recent rides.

DSC_7489DSC_7487The Oti River near Mango

DSC_7510A makeshift shelter in the bush

DSC_7552No bike ride would be complete without a herd of cows crossing your path!

DSC_7591Hippos down by the lake

Togo’s beautiful side

To replenish myself, I enjoy going out and enjoying God’s beautiful creation, and I especially enjoy capturing that beauty with photography. I hope you also enjoy seeing the beauty of Togo through these images!


The mountains just behind the southern hospital


A waterfall just around the corner from the mountains in the last image


Togo’s coastline has a couple of nice beaches, and watching these sand crabs scurrying around the beach is so much fun!


We came across this small but unbelievably swift antelope at an animal reserve in Benin, the country neighboring Togo to the east.


These boldly colored birds live in the savannah around Mango.


You’ll find women carrying loads like these all around Togo. Notice the woman on the left caring for her baby simultaneously!