For the Birds

The more I pay attention to God’s creation around me here in Mango, the more I notice the wide variety of strikingly beautiful birds He has put here for our enjoyment. So I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Here are two of the many types of bee-eaters that live in Togo. 
It would seem that bee-eaters don’t only eat bees, since this multi-colored fellow seems to think grasshoppers are delicious as well.

Kingfishers are fascinating to watch, as they hover in place and when they spot a fish the dive into the water and quickly emerge again to try again until they catch their prey.

Here’s another, more colorful, kingfisher.
Hornbills are one of the most common birds you’ll see out in the bush here.
Abyssinian Rollers are another common, although uncommonly beautiful, bird in our area.
This time of year, weavers are starting to build their nests, sometimes dozens in a single tree.
Cattle are everywhere around here, and where there are cattle, there are sure to be birds looking for a snack of bugs on their backs, like these oxpeckers. 
If you keep your eyes and ears open, you might see one of these large green parakeets streaking across the sky.

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